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Event Design

Event design is an important ingredient for a large-scale corporate event, sporting event, brand event or public event. Event design takes into consideration the objectives, audience, messaging, theme and environment to create a unique way to bring your event to life. W.A. Carr & Son has been working with businesses, brands and individuals to help them realise their event through thoughtful and intriguing designs. We regularly undertake event designing projects in locations such as Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and London.

Event Design Service

Our event designers will start the process by talking to the client in detail about their objectives, aspirations, budget and timings. Your branding logo and colours will be included in the event designing along with other key elements of your brief.

Event designing can include the overall look and feel of an event right through to the minutia of what the staff wear. Or it could be very simple such as branding for a stage backdrop and set design. We can recommend important areas of consideration for event designs which will depend on your brief, requirements and overall budget.

Because we live and breathe events from intimate parties and weddings right through to large corporate and sporting events, we know how to design an event which can communicate with an audience no matter how large or small.

W.A. Carr & Son has a wealth of experience in event designing for both indoor and outdoor. Event designs range from pumping parties to high energy sporting events and refined corporate soirees. We never know what each new client will want us to tackle, but we are ready for the challenge!

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UK Locations

W.A. Carr & Son can provide event designs in UK locations such as: Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Hatfield, Watford and West London. Please contact the team for more details about the event design service.