Extra Large Bain Marie Hot Cupboard


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This Extra Large Bain Marie Hot Cupboard is a high quality mobile solution for the transportation and warming of up to 90 covers. This is a commercial Bain Marie Hot Cupboard so as you would expect it comes durable castors and adjustable temperature control. The sturdy doors are configured to slide, so the cupboard can be used in corridors and hallways.

Product features

  • Capacity up to 90 covers
  • Dimensions¬†900(H) x 1400(W) x 650(D)mm
  • Material¬†Stainless Steel
  • Thermostatically controlled
  • 2 internal removable perforated shelves
  • Double Skinned doors
  • removable sliding doors for easy cleaning
  • 4 Extra Large Gastro Pans With Flat Lids