Portable Gas Heater



This Portable Gas heater is a great way to keep warm during the winter months, in both domestic and industrial properties. Supplying powerful radiant heat, it is the ideal space heater for a range of scenarios. The heater works best using a propane gas cylinder.
It is made from stainless steel and has a built-in flame failure device so will automatically cut-out should it accidentally be knocked over. The heater also comes with a temperature control knob, so you can manually set it to get the most ideal situation for you.
This heater is the more favoured over a the Propane Blow heater for smaller areas as is expels heat at a more comfortable rate meaning the safety clearance area around the heater is smaller. This heater is also much quieter.
  • Variable temperature control – perfect when there’s a light summer chill in the air or a cold winter’s evening
  • Built-in safety features – the built-in flame failure device ensures safety at all times so if the flame of the heater goes out, the gas supply is cut, saving you gas and preventing accidents.Design allows for heater to be placed upright or flat
  • Ideal for heating large spaces
  • Heat output 2.6Kw/h – 4.5Kw/h
  • Gas consumption 220g-330g/h
  • Heating area 20-80 square metres