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Projector & Laptop Stand

Projector & Laptop Stand

From: £16.67


This is a perfect cart for schools and businesses alike and can serve as a workstation, presentation cart, and lecture podium. The base is made of high-grade silver steel with two plastic-coated, scratch-resistant platforms. Cart can be used sitting or standing and is adjustable with a max height of 34.5″ from the ground. The two side by side platforms measure 11.5″x17.5″ and 17.5″x17.5″. The larger platform features adjustable tilt up to 35 degrees, great for holding projectors.


  • Workstation, Presentation Cart, or Lecture Podium
  • Stationary Wheel Locking Casters
  • Scratch Resistant Platform Coating
  • 35 Degree Platform Tilt for Projectors and more
  • Height Adjustable