Marquee Hire For Schools 2021


2021 has seen schools nationwide stagger their term times. We are all now living through a global pandemic of Coronavirus, and so we are all learning to adapt to this new normal.

While some schools remain only partially open, it is great to see the children of our nation back at school learning and developing. School is so essential for the development of early skills in our young ones and for the general wellbeing of all our children. At WA Carr & Son, we are helping schools adapt to the new normal by creating additional space outdoors for a variety of different reasons. Our large range or marquees means we can design the right marquee for you, to fit your needs and be the most cost-effective solution for your establishment.

Examples of how our marquees are being used in schools:

  1. Testing
  2. Additional classrooms
  3. School canteens
  4. Changing rooms and sporting areas for PE lessons
  5. Covered outdoor space for playtime and other socially distanced activities
  6. Areas for parents and children to wait under cover during winter when collect their children from school

If you require a Marquee, W.A. Carr & Son can help you. We stock a range of floors and walling meaning we can build temporary structures suitable for its intended use.

You might be wondering, “but won’t it be cold?” And the answer is, no, we’ve got that covered and take students wellbeing and safety seriously.

Here’s a list of different add-ons that we can fit to your marquee to make it fit for purpose:

  • Heating
  • Flooring
  • Walls – panoramic or solid
  • Insulated walls
  • Bi-folding doors or aluminium fire exits
  • Lighting
  • Power outlets

We really can add anything you need to fit your required purpose, whether it’s metal racking for storage, decoration for a special event or whatever it might be – at WA Carr & Son we remain the most cost-effective solution and our stock is the highest quality. As we own all our stock, this allows us to offer our clients the best price for high quality and service.

If you are interested in getting a quote for your school or arranging a site visit, please get in touch with me today. 

We have built Marquees for schools throughout

  1. Bedfordshire
  2. Buckinghamshire
  3. Hertfordshire
  4. London
  5. Essex 
  6. Surrey

How To Book A Marquee