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Film & TV Marquee Hire

WA Carr & Son are Film & TV marquee hire specalist. With all equipment owned in-house we can provide marquees, flooring, lighting, power, AV, staging, catering and more!

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Ready to transform your event with our marquee hire? Click to call, email, or book a meeting. Let’s create unforgettable moments together! Our specialist team will help curate your dream space.

Extra Space

Enhance the backstage experience of your film and TV productions with our specialized Film and TV Marquee Hire services. Designed with the unique needs of the entertainment industry in mind, our marquees serve as versatile spaces for crew catering tents, makeup stations, wardrobe setups, and more.

Practical Backstage Solutions

Create dedicated spaces for crew members with our strategically designed marquees. From comfortable crew catering tents to spacious makeup and wardrobe areas, our marquees offer practical solutions that ensure your backstage operations run smoothly.

Tailor-Made Spaces

Customize each marquee to suit the specific requirements of your backstage areas. Whether you need a quiet space for actors to prepare or a bustling hub for crew coordination, our marquees can be tailored to meet the diverse needs of your production.

Efficiency On-Location

In the fast-paced world of film and TV, time is of the essence. Our marquees offer quick setup and breakdown times, allowing you to efficiently create functional backstage spaces during on-location shoots.

WA Carr & Son

Marquees and More!

Pro Outdoor – Sound, Light, Marquee & Stage Package

Stage Hire

From minimalist platforms to fully equipped stages, our stage hire services cater to your production needs. Set the perfect backdrop for success with our versatile stage options. Your vision, our stage – let’s make it a showstopper.

Marquee Decor

Transform your TV and film production with our marquee decor services. Whether you envision a blank canvas ready for your creative touch or desire a fully adorned marquee, we’ve got you covered. Elevate your set with our versatile options, ensuring every detail aligns seamlessly with your vision. Your space, your way!

Smaller Marquees

Quick to assemble, durable, and designed for on-the-go versatility, these gazebos are perfect for creating temporary outdoor spaces on set. Whether it’s providing shade, shelter, or a defined area for scenes, our pop-up gazebos are the seamless solution for film and TV professionals.