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Arcus 2000 Low Fogger

Arcus 2000 Low Fogger

  • Easy plug & play operation
  • Fluid supplied
  • Fast warm-up time
  • Lovely setting for all events, specifically first dances!

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The Arcus low fog machine effortlessly creates a dense, ground-hugging cloud, sans the requirement of dry ice. It’s an ideal addition for enchanting wedding first dances or eerie Halloween spectacles.

Its swift heating aluminum block, coupled with the ultrasonic agitator, swiftly converts distilled water into a delicate mist. Equipped with a flexible output hose, attaching and detaching is a breeze with the quick-release clip.

Operating this fog machine is a breeze, thanks to its onboard DMX control and a digital display, offering versatility and user-friendly functionality. For added convenience and protection during travel, an optional flight case is available, complete with wheels for easy transportation.

Key Details

  • Low fog machine creates a unique, atmospheric effect that is ideal for weddings, dance parties, stage performances and gigs
  • Works using smoke fluid and ice to produce dense fog that remains on ground-level for a good period of time
  • Separate fluid tank and ice compartment with thermostat-controlled heating element that quickly heats up for use
  • 3m wired remote control allows you to choose how long fog is made for
  • Large fluid container makes the machine usable for a long period of time before needing to refill the fluid