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Deluxe Event Band Package

Deluxe Event Band Package

A full frontal PA system with 2000 watts of power plus monitor speakers that can be used as kickbacks or as stage monitors for the band or sound technician. The deluxe event band package is for those professional bands in Hertfordshire so they can hear what they’re doing to deliver a professional show and performance. It boasts enough capacity with thee Shure SM58S and microphone stands plus a 14 channel Mackie Mixing desk to host a full band and wow the crowd.

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Our deluxe event band package is the ultimate setup for any band up to 6 members, the big sound system can cater for upto 200 people in a large hall/marquee.

What’s Included?

Qty 2 – 15′ Active PA Speakers
Qty 2 – Speaker Stands
Qty 2 – 10′ Monitor Active Speakers
Qty 4 – IEC Power Leads for Speakers
Qty 4 – XLR Speaker Connection Cable
Qty 1 – 14 Channel Mackie Mixing Desk
Qty 1 – Mixing Desk Power Unit
Qty 3 – Shure SM58 Vocal Microphones Wired
Qty 3 – XLR Microphone Cables
Qty 3 – Microphone Stands
Qty 2 – DI Boxes