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Rustic Stage Hire (1m x 2m Panel)

Rustic Stage Hire (1m x 2m Panel)

  • Our versatile rustic stage system is a fantastic platform for any event that requires a stage the stage blocks can be easily arranged to create various shapes & size stages.
    • 1m x 2m Stage Panel
    • 30cm / 50cm Height Options

From: £100.00


Rustic Stage Hire

Hire our Rustic Stage to give your event that extra touch. Offer charm and versatility that will make taking a step across its platform an attractive visual masterpiece. Designed with a lot of love and care, the stage is lovingly crafted with timeless elegance for your special moments.

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Key Features:

  • Rustic Aesthetic. – The stage is designed to be rustic in nature, hence making it the perfect fit for your rustic themed event. It has all-natural earthy colors in texture and gives a feel of coziness that would definitely make one feel “at home” for any event.
  • Modular panels. – Our Rustic Stage is designed for your convenience and flexibility. Each measures 1m x 2m, therefore you can mount them effortlessly to get the size that will be fitting for the event where the stage shall be used.
  • Custom size: Our Rustic Stage can be of any size. There is an option to order it in any size that will fit your venue well. Whether its for a single speaker or a 12 piece band, we’ve got you covered.
  • Strong and Sturdy: Our Rustic Stage is very strong due to the material that it’s made of, which is not only appealing to the eyes but very strong. The stage structure is strong enough to give the firmness needed for holding your event. It can support performances, equipment, and even decoration.

Versatile applications

This rustic stage is perfect for versatile applications, such as weddings, concerts, conferences, trade shows, and the like. Our rustic stage provides a versatile rustic appeal, the perfect compliment to your setting.

Thanks to our Rustic Stage, your theme is possible in that it can meet any exact requirements you may have—from the most basic stages to those that will really blow the socks off all your guests. Bring your vision to life and ensure an impression is left with the timeless beauty of rustic design. Do not miss a golden opportunity: Transform your event today to a truly memorable experience. Order our Rustic Stage today and let your imagination run wild.