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Rustic Package (75 Guests)

Rustic Package (75 Guests)



Are you envisioning a rustic wedding that captures the timeless charm of the countryside? At WA Carr & Son, we specialize in helping couples turn their rustic wedding dreams into reality. With our vintage pine dance floors and rustic oak cross back chairs, your rustic wedding will have all the elements to create a truly unforgettable experience.

Transform your special occasion into a rustic wonderland with our Rustic Marquee Package, tailored for gatherings of up to 75 guests. This package is designed to infuse warmth, charm, and elegance into your event, creating a unique atmosphere that will be remembered for years to come.

Key Features:

9m x 18m Marquee with Ivory Roof and Wall Linings: Our spacious marquee provides the canvas for your rustic dream. The ivory roof and wall linings create a soft, inviting ambiance, while the generous size ensures ample room for your guests to mingle and celebrate.

Fairy Lights: Illuminate your event with a touch of magic. Fairy lights adorn the interior, casting a warm, enchanting glow that adds a magical atmosphere to your celebration.

Solid Floor with Champagne Carpet: Ensure your guests step into elegance and comfort with a solid floor covered in plush champagne carpet. It not only looks stunning but also provides a stable and comfortable surface for dancing the night away.

Vintage Pine Dance floor: Get ready to dance in style. Our vintage pine dance floor adds a touch of rustic charm to your event, setting the stage for unforgettable moments on the dance floor.

Long Top Table for Up to 10 Guests: Seat your VIPs in style with our long top table. It accommodates up to 10 guests, creating a focal point for speeches, toasts, and cherished moments.

Limewash Rustic Trestle Tables: Create a cozy, communal dining experience with our limewash rustic trestle tables. Each table comfortably seats six guests, fostering connection and conversation.

Rustic Oak Cross Back Chairs: Elevate your seating with our rustic oak cross back chairs. Their intricate design and natural finish blend seamlessly with the rustic theme, adding sophistication to your event.

Why Choose the Rustic Marquee Package:

The Rustic Marquee Package is the epitome of rustic elegance, ideal for weddings, anniversaries, and special gatherings. It combines style and functionality, ensuring your event is not only visually stunning but also comfortable and inviting for your guests.

Our Rustic Marquee Package is designed to infuse warmth, charm, and elegance into your rustic wedding celebration

Whether you’re celebrating under the sun or stars, this package allows you to create an atmosphere that reflects your unique style and personality. Let the rustic charm of vintage pine, oak, and fairy lights turn your event into a memorable experience that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Additional Extras:

At WA Carr we have an extension selection of additional extras you can add to your event.